Echappement FP Shorty INDIAN CHIEF 22

1 332,50 €

Ligne d'échappement COMBAT 2-1 Shorty 

Compatible: INDIAN CHIEF à partir de 2022

Finition: NOIR

Embout: NOIR gravé

Homologation: NON

En Stock Tank Machine - Expédition rapide

  • Triple stepped headers 1 3/4" to 1 7/8" to 2" for increases of 15-18 HP and 13-15 foot lbs. of torque
  • Racing exhausts have removable baffles with a deep, rich, and throaty sound, optional quiet baffles are available
  • System equals 5 steps throughout for extreme power gains
  • The system reduces heat concentration by 30%
  • Boasting full-coverage one-piece (220°) blue-proof heat-shields, available in chrome or ceramic black
  • Customizable with a show chrome, sculpted black or pitch-black tip
  • Includes O2 sensor ports, plugs, and all mounting hardware
  • Engineered for maximum power
  • Made in the USA

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