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Optique CIRCLE LEDS Noir 146mm

Optique avant noir mat de 146mm de diamètre.

Veilleuse led Circle

Fixations sur coté par vis M6


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  • Noir Mat - Matte Black

Disponibilité : expédié sous 5 jours

299,95 €

HIGHSIDER 5 3/4 inch LED main headlight CIRCLE, E-marked.
The light guide technology with daytime running light and parking light produce a uniform lightring. Available in a high quality bottom mount or side mount version.

To see and to been seen – give your bike its own character. The exceptional design and the perfect technology of the HIGHSIDER headlight series makes you absolutely to a spectacular highlight! 

Diameter headlight insert: 146,5 mm
Depth: 167 mm with lens
Mounting: sideways with M6 screw

Cable assignment:
- 12.5 Volt DC
- 3 plug connector:
• Green = ground
• White = low beam
• Blue = high beam

• Brown = parking light
• Red = daytime running light

Delivery contents:
1 x Headlight
2 x hexagon socket screws
2 x 4 mm sponge washers
2 x 2 mm sponge washers

  • SUZUKI SUZ - VANVAN 125 - 200